The Massive Patterns, Textures and Backgrounds Bundle: $25 for 10 days.

In case you love to decorate your typography with a subtle details, this interesting and huge deal may be for you. The guys from Designcut have compiled a giant collection of patterns and textures. You will find a lot of different styles: geometric, watercolor, asphalt, metals, paper, shapes, watercolor shapes, dots, lines, ornaments, grunge, halftones and much more. You will use this kind of texture not only for adding a vintage style to your graphic but also for a lot of different styles, you will save a lot of time and the limit is your creativity. The regular price of this is $518 (yeah expensive but believe me is a lot of high res files), but for 10 days you can take this deal for $25. 

Normally the guys of Designcut usually don’t extend or repeat this kind of deal so we recommend grabbing this unbeatable deal while you still can.

Grab it here: